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Joey Holiday remembers 15 years of making trucker music, woman who helped him get started

Friday, February 26, 2010
Linda Seale, left, and her husband Bobby, right, appear on stage with Joey Holiday. (Courtesy: JOEY HOLIDAY)
Linda Seale, left, and her husband Bobby, right, appear on stage with Joey Holiday. (Courtesy: JOEY HOLIDAY)

PLEASANT VIEW, Tenn. — Over 15 years ago, Joey Holiday had a dream to do music for truck drivers.

As he worked his way through his casino contracts, he and his drummer, Keith McLaughlin, wrote the first of what would be several trucking songs.

Holiday recorded his first two trucking songs and called a trucking industry magazine to see about publicity.

He reached Linda Seale of Truckin‘ USA Magazine who asked if she could listen to the music he had recorded.

Holiday drove to Tuscaloosa, Ala., and played her the two tunes.

Back then, he tought he would put out a single, one song on one side of the cassette and one on the other.

But Seale convinced him that he needed to finish an entire album.

She offered to help him when he was done.

Holiday returned to Nashville and after several months of borrowing money and paying back loans, he finally had an entire album.

He recalls that he was so excited, he didn’t just call Seale.

Rather, he got into his car with the master and drove back to Tuscaloosa.

Unfortunately, when he arrived, he found that the magazine had gone out of business and Seale was gone.

Completely devastated, Holiday said he didn’t know which way to turn.

“However, I did remember Seale telling me about an all-night radio station in Chicago called The Interstate Radio Network,” Holiday said. “So after returning to Nashville, I called the station and the rest is history.”

But from time to time, he would think about Seale and wonder what had happened to her.

Fifteen years later, Holiday saw her again at a TravelCenters of America location in Wildwood, Fla., where she is the assistant manager.

“When I performed there, she was there by sheer coincidence and we had a wonderful reunion,” Holiday said.

“He’s gotten better since I heard him all those years ago,” Seale said. “I was humbled by the influence on his life and career, but most of all, I was happy to see he was still doing music for truck drivers.”

Holiday will be at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky., March 25-27.

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