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ONE20 to launch ELD with easy-to-use driver app

Monday, March 20, 2017

The ONE20 F-ELD is a plug-and-play device that wirelessly pairs with a driver’s smartphone or tablet. (Courtesy: ONE20)
The ONE20 F-ELD is a plug-and-play device that wirelessly pairs with a driver’s smartphone or tablet. (Courtesy: ONE20)

MINNEAPOLIS — ONE20 said it plans to launch an Electronic Logging Device named F-ELD, with an easy-to-use driver app.

The new platform is fully compliant, subscription free, functional and created for the driver, according to Christian Schenk, founder, president and CEO. It has an intuitive interface that is 100 percent driver-controlled and accessed through a free app, he said.                    

As part of the 2012 mandate for electronic logging devices, fleets of all sizes have until December 2017 to implement certified ELDs to record Hours of Service.

For the past five years, drivers have been dreading the changeover from manual logbooks to ELDs, fearing added costs and hassles that will make life on the road more complicated, Schenk said.

“The trucking industry has long been anticipating this forced government ELD mandate,” he said. “ONE20 has taken the initiative to once again keep drivers’ best interests top-of-mind and offer them the most affordable and simple ELD solution — all without monthly fees. “Drivers want something simple, affordable and compliant that won’t force them to give up their privacy — that is exactly why we developed F-ELD.”

The ONE20 F-ELD is a plug-and-play device that wirelessly pairs with a driver’s smartphone or tablet.

Once the ELD is purchased and installed, drivers can download the free Android- and iOS- compatible app to establish HOS and driver-vehicle inspection report (DVIR) preferences. The ELD device attaches to the truck through a J1939 or J1708 cable. Drivers will manage the application and have full control of the reporting.”

“The industry needs options and not all fleets are looking to acquire the more comprehensive enterprise systems,” Schenk said. “As such, ONE20 is partnering with the nation's largest and most recognized brands to bring flexibility and affordability to mixed fleets. PeopleNet and ONE20 are developing an interface between F-ELD and the PeopleNet system.”

“Our customers want flexibility and options, and PeopleNet is committed to just that. F-ELD gives clients who authorize data sharing a low/no cost option for the portions of their fleet not requiring functionality above the driver logs offered by ONE20,” said Eric Witty, vice president of product management for PeopleNet.

 “Most independent drivers hate the mandate,” Schenk said. “They are afraid of more regulation, higher costs and greater interference in their personal and professional lives. It’s simply crushing the spirit of our membership community, but when drivers speak up we listen and deliver.”

Schenk listed what he described as features and benefits of the F-ELD.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple setup and installation
  • Device connects via Bluetooth to most Android/iOS devices to ONE20’s application
  • Device records, tracks and alerts driver’s HOS
  • Allows drivers to control log sharing with carriers
  • Gives the option to record and track daily inspections
  • Synchronizes vehicle events to driver’s logs
  • Includes standard 9-Pin Y cable (other configurations available), and
  • Fully compliant and subscription free.

“We wanted to build a solution that was not daunting for drivers,” said Charlie Mohn, vice president of product management for ONE20. “The F-ELD can be installed in minutes and requires little to no training, giving drivers the power and control, not someone else.”

Schenk said the ONE20 F-ELD will be available to ship in July.

Professional drivers may pre-order the device at

Schenk said ONE20 is the first free membership community built exclusively for professional truck drivers, with the sole purpose of making life on the road more convenient, enjoyable and cost-effective. Members join ONE20 to connect with other drivers, plan truck-specific routes, and save with deals along the way. The ONE20 app is free and available on Android and iOS devices. The ONE20 ELD app will be available on Android and iOS later this year.   





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