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Preventing cyber attacks, redefining jobs in light of autonomous technology, WFBCON topics

Thursday, June 15, 2017

The keynote speaker for the WorkForce Builders Conference was futurist Scott Steinberg, CEO of TechSavvy Global. (Courtesy: TCA)
The keynote speaker for the WorkForce Builders Conference was futurist Scott Steinberg, CEO of TechSavvy Global. (Courtesy: TCA)

RIVERSIDE, Mo. — More than 125 representatives from truckload carriers, schools, and trucking-affiliated groups attended the Truckload Carriers Association’s second annual WorkForce Builders Conference (WFBCON) held in conjunction with TCA’s 8th Annual Open Deck Division meeting and the 23rd Annual Independent Contractor Division meeting here June 12-14.

Participants earned credits toward certifications within Truckload Academy's Accreditation Program and listened to speakers discuss how to continually support the industry's workforce.

"Hearing from other carrier members and industry players with such diverse experiences and fresh thoughts, makes WFBCON quite beneficial," said Shelley Mundy, director, recruiting and retention at Cargo Transporters, and the chairman of TCA's Recruitment and Retention Human Resources Committee. 

This year’s WFBCON was the first since Driver iQ became the accreditation program sponsor. “Driver iQ salutes TCA and supports its efforts with the WorkForce Builders Conference 110 percent,” said Billie Lee, co-president of Driver iQ. “More importantly, we urge the industry to take a look at the accreditation program, which includes training in human resources, recruitment, retention and fleet management.”

The WFBCON general session’s opening keynote speaker was Scott Steinberg, CEO of TechSavvy Global, a management consulting and marketing research firm.

Steinberg discussed innovations in transportation-related technology such as autonomous vehicles Uber and Lyft, and how these evolving technologies will redefine jobs.

The closing general session keynote speaker was FBI Supervisory Special Agent Darren Holtz, who shared best practices for dealing with cyber threats.

Holtz manages the cyber program for the FBI’s Kansas City field office, and his work with critical security issues has provided him with an insider’s perspective on the dangers of ransomware attacks in our ever-increasingly digital workplaces.

"Often, when we think about the workforce, we rightfully think about the people who make up our teams," said John Lyboldt, TCA president. “These forward-thinking speakers made it clear that our ability to manage our teams in the digital age isn’t as simple as employing the latest technology, but rather, using it to invest in developing our key personnel, and in turn, advancing our industry as a whole."

For more information on WFBCON, visit www.GrowYourWorkforce.com and follow @WFBCON on Twitter.




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