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Volvo, Mack introduce trucks for Mexican market

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Configurations of Volvo’s regional haul tractors feature driver-inspired comforts. (Courtesy: VOLVO TRUCKS)
Configurations of Volvo’s regional haul tractors feature driver-inspired comforts. (Courtesy: VOLVO TRUCKS)


GUADALAJARAH, Mexico — Two members of the Volvo Group had a prominent presence at the Expo Transporte here Wednesday.

Volvo Trucks Wednesday said it was “invigorating” the Mexican regional haul market with the debut of the regional haul VNR series and also introduced the VNL series to the Mexican market.

Volvo Trucks introduced the new VNL and VNR series in the United States earlier this year.

“Introducing the new VNR series in Mexico marks a giant leap forward for the market, which has historically lagged when it comes to equipment technology,” said Göran Nyberg, president of Volvo Trucks North America. “We’re committed to offering the most innovative, modern and competitive products to help drive progress for our customers’ businesses.”

A company spokesman said the primary difference in the trucks produced for the U.S. and Mexico is that the Mexican models are equipped with engines set to Mexico’s emission standards.

The spokesman said the new models provide Mexican customers the opportunity to purchase a quality of tractors that were not previously available in that country.

Meanwhile, Mack Trucks launched the all-new Mack Anthem highway model for the Mexican market.

“Built with Mack’s legendary durability and our latest innovations to improve fuel efficiency and productivity, the Mack Anthem is designed to meet the needs of our Mexican customers,” said Dennis Slagle, president, Mack Trucks. “We’re confident that these features, along with the new standard of driver comfort delivered by the Mack Anthem, will help boost Mack’s presence in the important Mexican market.”

Nyberg said signature features of the VNR series include its aerodynamic exterior design, efficient Volvo engines and the I-Shift automated manual transmission, driver productivity and comfort features, and the safety of Volvo’s high-strength steel cabs. The versatile design and outstanding maneuverability make the Volvo VNR ideal for urban areas, pickup and delivery, liquid tankers, dry bulk, flatbed and other regional haul applications, spokes men said.

“The VNR model is a work truck, but it’s a dynamic, premium work truck, and aerodynamics are greatly important within the regional haul segment,” said Wade Long, director of product marketing for Volvo Trucks North America. “Regional routes often mean traveling at highway speeds, where aerodynamics becomes increasingly important.”

The working environment of the Volvo VNR was designed to allow drivers to work more comfortably, productively and safely, Long said.

“Every innovation of the new Volvo VNR has been filtered through the driver’s eyes,” said Brian Balicki, Volvo Trucks North America chief interior designer. “We channeled the input of nearly 2,000 drivers and brought those thoughts and preferences to life through the VNR series.”

Balicki said the research found its way into the new Volvo VNR driving experience and in countless details meant to make drivers’ lives easier, like the Position Perfect three-motion steering wheel that allows for more optimal vertical positioning to help reduce arm, neck and shoulder fatigue. New seats offer more adjustments to fit more drivers’ shapes and preferences and bring comfort amenities like heating and cooling.

Mack launched the Mack Anthem model for the U.S. and Canadian markets in September to tremendous customer response, Sagle said, adding that with a bold grille and prominent Mack wordmark, the Mack Anthem’s all-new exterior design optimizes aerodynamics for improved fuel efficiency.

The Mack Anthem also includes new driving and sleeping environments designed with an emphasis on increasing driver comfort and productivity. Several configurations are available, including a day cab, an all-new 48-inch flat top sleeper, and an all-new 70-inch stand-up sleeper.

Despite its chiseled new looks, the Mack Anthem’s aerodynamic enhancements improve fuel efficiency by up to 3 percent, according to the company. In addition to a new hood and grille, Mack engineers redesigned the roof and chassis fairings, mirror covers, and front bumper and air dam to more easily cut through the wind.

Mack Anthem models sold in the Mexican market are equipped with Mack’s legendary integrated powertrain featuring Mack MP engines, the Mack mDRIVE AMT and Mack axles. Mack Anthem models sold in Mexico come standard with Euro 4-rated Mack MP engines. Where approved, and where ultra-low-sulfur diesel and diesel exhaust fluid are available, customers can choose Mack’s GHG2017 MP8 for improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.


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