Diesel prices slide 7th straight week to $3.207


Although oil prices jumped Monday, December 3 amid talk that OPEC will cut production, it wasn’t soon enough to keep diesel prices from slipping for the seventh week in a row, according to figures from the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). The national on-highway average was down 5.4 cents to land barely above $3 a gallon at $3.207.

All of the EIA’s 10 reporting regions had diesel price drops from the week before, with the Midwest sector showing a hefty decrease of 6.8 cents a gallon to $3.177 from $3.185 the week prior.

The Gulf Coast saw prices scoot slightly below the $3-a-gallon mark to $2.989. The area generally has the cheapest diesel in the country because of its proximity to oil refineries.

The Lower Atlantic area had the next cheapest diesel at $3.098 a gallon, down 4.7 cents from $3.145 on November 26.

California diesel rung up at $3.922, down 4.2 cents from last week’s $3.964.

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Associated Press sources contributed to this report.


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