Rolling Strong, Enrollment First partner to offer affordable insurance

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RIVERSIDE, Mo. — Rolling Strong, the provider of driver wellness programs for transportation companies and their drivers, as well as owner-operators, has formed a partnership with Enrollment First to offer affordable insurance benefits to owner-operators and to fleets with independent contractors.

The partnership takes a breakthrough proactive approach to providing healthcare benefits for truck drivers by automatically enrolling Enrollment First customers in the Rolling Strong health and wellness app, according to Stephen Kane, president of Rolling Strong.

“Enrollment First is the first major benefits provider that has embraced our health and wellness program and integrated with us to service owner operators and fleets with independent contractors,” Kane said. “This is a breakthrough offering for the industry. Having affordable insurance benefits is important to the wellness of truck drivers and their families. With Enrollment First, we can offer a proactive approach to medical benefits that gives drivers a better chance to adopt a healthy lifestyle.”

Through its partnership with Rolling Strong, Enrollment First will provide choices in insurance products for drivers and fleets.

Its health benefits coverage lines offer wellness and preventive visits without a co-pay or deductible.

Additional plans in the voluntary portfolio include dental and vision coverage, life insurance, and other options. Under the agreement, Rolling Strong will promote Enrollment First to its platform users and current and new Enrollment First customers will have automatic access to the Rolling Strong health and wellness platform.

“Rolling Strong is always striving to focus on the health of truck drivers so this partnership is a natural fit,” said Hazen Mirts, president and chief executive officer of Enrollment First. “Our insurance coverage benefits are in line with their mission of promoting a healthier lifestyle for drivers. With Rolling Strong, our customers have better access to wellness engagement tools while they are on the road. This is a partnership that benefits everyone because it has the same focus at its core.”

The Rolling Strong health and wellness mobile app for IOS and Android devices offers exercise programs and nutrition and personal health guidance, including the ability to connect with a wellness coach. Drivers can also earn points and rewards for logging sleep, exercising, and meeting daily calorie goals.

Enrollment First, based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a health solutions company with a large network of medical benefits providers that specializes in a turnkey solution for motor carriers, and provides a complete solution to enrollment and marketing for drivers and their individual choices of insurance products. The company employs a dedicated team that manages the day-to-day insurance questions and needs of motor carriers, and drivers on the road.

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