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U.S. expected to become world’s top oil producer next year
U.S. expected to become world’s top oil producer next year

By DAVID KOENIG, AP Business Writer The U.S. has nosed ahead of Saudi Arabia and is on pace to surpass Russia to become the world's..

Trucker Tools gets additional funding for development, customer acquisition
Trucker Tools gets additional funding for development, customer acquisition

RESTON, Va. — Trucker Tools, a company that provides shipment visibility, carrier capacity management and predictive freight-matching solutions for the transportation industry, has completed a..

CFI raises pay for OTR long-haul drivers
CFI raises pay for OTR long-haul drivers

JOPLIN, Mo. — CFI, a North American full-truckload carrier and subsidiary of TFI International, is increasing mileage pay for experienced over-the-road long-haul drivers, as well..

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Latest Message: 2 days, 16 hours ago
  • guest_4267 : Foreign people that speak little English I seen driving owner operator trucks and say they pitch call to get a Load and if they can't keep this business going they have to go back to their country
  • I noticed : Maritor guard bumper radar slams on the brakes , triggering critical event on the Qualcomm. When going under some bridges and coming up to some curves. Like they are haunted
  • guest_9279 : Casino person said this game is set up for an actor. Don't sit here
  • truck stop slop : I seen people get arrested after you give money to panhandlers in the parking lot or fuel island. They target Crete, Shaffer, Hunt driver's
  • I seen : I seen driver's say you told me about something I'm going to sue
  • Former Roehl & crete : Driver's are saying I'm going to sue, your telling me to much information or your telling me something I don't need to know about. To each other
  • Sponsored Ad : Owner Operators: Earn 85% of gross revenue on loads YOU choose and rates YOU negotiate. Enjoy HIGHER EARNING POWER on great runs with Enspiren!
  • guest_7211 : Government seems to have weapoized the safety department by writing up driver's based on camera image's in the truck
  • guest_7211 : Capstone logistics Lumper service I seen in dollar general, super value, and Jackson Mississippi
  • guest_9749 : It's 600 dollar's for a Lumper when you deliver in the Bronx NY and you have to back inside a garage door off the street disconnect from trailer and bobtail outside then they close the garage door
  • douchebag from Phill : I heard the truck stop restaurants say we're told to poison trucker's by spraying this in the food
  • Rif Raf : Undercover agent's in some truck stops like the TA and Petro trying to arrest every customer that comes in the door, by setting them up
  • guest_136 : I heard warehouse office people say we're looking for a motor Carrier we can Rip off, we don't want to do business with them
  • guest_136 : Miller/Coors beer loads the receiver isn't singing and dating the bills. Just put a number or a scribble picture
  • Jay : What’s better then Stevens to start for...
  • guest_7114 : Few days before Christmas I delivered old Navy to the NEMF terminal just north of Providence Rhode island, I didn't drive for NEMF or Eastern
  • The Trucker News Staff : Hi all...feel welcome to post as a guest. However, if you register (for free up top) you can post with your user name! Have fun.
  • guest_3064 : Good morning ya'll from the Mississippi High Roller.
  • guest_4088 : Has anyone heard of people whose lives are tracked and posted online against there will?
  • guest_7468 : I picked up coiled rod at Nucor steel just North of new Haven Connecticut and a lot of Eastern freighters on the ball trucks were there also they loaded coiled rod in a midsouth dry van
  • guest_7468 : I picked up flour at General Mills Buffalo NY to Philadelphia and my bills said Carlisle carrier Corp. I didn't drive for that company
  • guest_8000 : I seen an ECM pulling a Pitt Ohio trailer before Christmas and an covenant transport pulling an A Duie Pyle trailer
  • guest_8000 : ECM trailers fill the Somerset PA run down truck stop now that DM Bowman used to own.
  • guest_8000 : Napa white freightliner condos are pulling Penn's Best trailers now, something must of happened
  • guest_8000 : Pottles had me sweep out my trailer before I could get rolls of paper
  • guest_4067 : ?2332
  • The Trucker News Staff : Thank you Joe!
  • Joe : Love this site!
  • guest_3287 : MAGA!
  • The Trucker News Staff : Companies, please no job solicitation here in the chat...thanks.
  • guest_6399 : Hello trucker''s hope all is well out onthe road or time spent with family.
  • guest_2046 : I hope you get what you deserve when you piss off the wrong driver.
  • guest_2046 : This is a message to all you stupid truck drivers who park your trucks in the fuel isles and dont get fuel.
  • The Trucker News Staff : yep
  • David : yep
  • guest_6894 : Anybody there?
  • guest_6228 : This site is cool!
  • robdriver : Truck fire at mm192 in i40
  • robdriver : =
  • robdriver : This is soooo live!!!!
  • Tommytrucker : what the
  • Tommytrucker : what the ?
  • Tommytrucker : I-90 also, but right coast!
  • Sponsored : CRST is looking for company drivers in Denver for dedicated runs and weekly home time.
  • Randy_Reefer : Yep, where you heading? I-90 Boston here.
  • Tommytrucker : Hi anyone out there?
  • TheTrucker CB : Welcome to TheTrucker CB

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